Universal Bottle Clips Snap around the neck of you bottle, Clip it on your belt, and your ready to go. 

FL Yellow
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Orange
Dark Blue
Fluorescent Green
Dark Green
Dark Green
Bright Yellow
Bright Yellow

Bottle Caddy



Universal Bottle Clips or also know as Action Clips

Our products come packaged in impulse containers of 96 or 48 pieces with UPC tags.

We also offer bulk packs of Universal Bottle Clips without tags or containers for displaying at shows, fairs, and other events. 

Bulk packs come per bundle. The bundles are shrink wrapped 2 of each of our colors.


We offer several ways to purchase bulk packs:

1.  24 pcs pack (2 of each color) , shipping is not included:  $15 / bundle pack with UPC stickers

     or 24 pcs pack (2 of each color) , shipping is not included:  $12 / bundle pack without UPC stickers


2.  120 pc pack (5 bundles of 24) with free shipping:  $90.00 ( only $ 0.75 / clip) with UPC stickers

      or 120 pc pack (5 bundles of 24) with free shipping:  $84.00 ( only $ 0.70/ clip) without UPC stickers


3.  264 pc pack (22 of each color) with free shipping: $ 140.00  ( only $ 0.53 / clip) without UPC stickers


Our clips are sold from $2.00 - $4.00 ea. 

How to use Universal Bottle Clips?
  • Customer appreciation gift.
  • Sales for Girl and Boy Scouts, 4-H, High School events, etc.
  • Offer for sale on the check-out line.
  • Give away at trade shows.
  • Gifts for friends and family.
  • Promotional events.


 Bulk Sales, Reseller ordering: 

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Purple,  Dark Blue,  Bright Yellow,  Dark Green,  Red




Green,  Orange,  Pink, and  Yellow



Gray,  White, and Black



Packaging Options


Strip Box                2 Stip Container


2 Strips of clips with 2 suction cup hangers in each box of 24 Clips

 2 Strip of 24 Bottle Clips per box.

This picture shown with Red, White and Blue bottle clips.



100 Clips

100 Clips in a Hex container, with Lid   -   10" x 10" x 7" wide.

This Impulse container is a great to sit on a checkout counter.



24 Bulk pack with UPC

Bulk Packs of 24 Pcs per pack. 
Pack can be customized to come un-tagged; without Stickers, ready for you to apply your own markings.



 Bulk Sales, Reseller ordering: 

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