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Welcome to the NEW

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The new has been live for a few months now, but most all of the features are now available to our users. Here you can find any and all information you need regarding the Universal Bottle Clip. You can order a 6 Clip Starter Pack or a 25 Clip Pack to get 2 of each possible Bottle Clip color and a Glow in the Dark Clip!

If you are a distributor and would like to begin offering Universal Bottle Clips, please use this site to do so. You can apply to become a dealer or distributor here, or if you have already been approved, please login through the link at the top right corner of the website "Distributor Log In." Once you have an approved account through, you can visit the Member's Area by clicking your name where you logged in, and clicking "My Account." Here you will find special information only available to distributors, including pricing, alternate packaging methods, and access to the Distributor Priced Store Page.

We hope you enjoy your experience on the new Universal Bottle Clip website. The site is still young, so if you experience any issues or find errors/inconsistencies, please contact us here.

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