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Despite the simplicity and ease of use, there are many who don't know or understand what a Universal Bottle Clip is.

The Universal Bottle Clip is a single piece of injected molded, high quality nylon that snaps around the neck of 95% of bottles.

Then, just hook it on your belt, pocket, strap, bag, anywhere! 

It's the Hands-Free Way to Carry a Bottle!

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What is a Universal Bottle Clip?

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Best Uses for Universal Bottle Clips?

  • Customer appreciation gift

  • Sales for Girl and Boy Scouts, 4-H, High School events, etc.

  • Offer for sale on the check-out line

  • Give away at trade shows

  • Gifts for friends and family

  • Promotional events


Starter Packs

The Universal Bottle Clip is available for purchase in a variety of ways. To start, we have a 6 Clip Starter Pack available from the store, which contains a variety of different colored Clips, or get a pack of six Glow in the Dark Clips.

25 Pack.jpg

Refill Packs

If you're wanting larger quantities of clips or need to refill your empty impulse jugs, we offer a 25 Clip Refill Pack, which contains two of each color we offer, plus one Glow in the Dark clip. Those can be purchased as a single pack, 5-packs, or 10-packs.

RGBY Cards.jpg

Clip Strips

Commercial Retailers will be interested in our Clip Strip packaging. Clip Strips come with 48 Cards with either one or two Universal Bottle Clips on a card (Single Clip Strips or Double Clip Strips). Each Clip Strip box comes with four strips of 12 cards. 

96 Jug.jpg

Impulse Jugs

Commercial Retailers will also be interested in our Impulse Jugs. Impulse Jugs are perfect to keep next to the cash register or POS system for last minute purchases. This packaging method is available as sets of four jugs, each containing either 48 or 96 Clips.

Clip Strip
Glow in the Dark Pack

Our Patents

One or more of the following patent numbers may apply.

  • D 423,774  

  • D 625,731

  • D 660,960

  • D 674,390

  • 9,016,965

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  • D 803,552

  • KR Design Patent No. 30-0971696

Additional Patents pending on this and other products

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