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What is a Universal Bottle Clip?

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The picture on the right shows exactly what our product does: it clips onto the neck of the majority of bottles, and then simply slides into your belt, pocket, purse, bag, backpack, or anything that can support it.  

Competitors offer similar solutions, but only the Universal Bottle Clip allows the bottle to be securely attached in place, without moving and swinging around while walking or moving.

Despite the simplicity and ease of use, there are many who don't know or understand what a Universal Bottle Clip is.

Some other solutions, like "beaters," will only be a piece that connects to the bottle and a string or cable of some sort to attach to your person. This causes the bottle to thrash and swing against you whenever you move.

Others are made with less durable materials, risking breaking the clip each time you attach it to your bottle. The Universal Bottle Clip, is a single piece of injected molded, high quality nylon, meaning there are no specific weak spots to the product. It is much likelier that you would lose the Clip before it ever breaks.

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